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At Harbour Marketing, we're your dedicated partners, guiding projects from start to finish and beyond. With our industry expertise and proven track record, we help builders and developers achieve their goals and maximize returns. Our diverse background, including proficiency in languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese and more, ensures effective communication across communities.

With over $5 billion in pre-construction project sales, we deliver exceptional results while navigating the real estate landscape. Leveraging our vast network and cutting-edge strategies, we ensure maximum exposure and strive for the best sales prices. Committed to building long-term relationships, we exceed expectations and deliver tailored outcomes for each client.




With over two decades of immersive experience in the real estate industry, Henry emerges as a seasoned expert, enriching the market with his profound insights and innovative strategies. As a pioneering figure, he has revolutionized industry norms, introducing groundbreaking practices like utilizing bank drafts for initial signings. Henry's expertise transcends across various domains, from low-rise to high-rise developments, where he orchestrates successful sales despite fluctuating market conditions. His multifaceted approach combines a wealth of experience with an innate ability to adapt, ensuring remarkable outcomes for every project. Driven by a hands-on mentality and fueled by an unwavering work ethic, Henry has cemented his reputation as a visionary leader. His acute sensitivity to market dynamics allows him to pinpoint the perfect timing, down to the week, for launching projects, setting a new standard for strategic planning. Under his stewardship, Harbour Marketing flourishes, propelled by innovative solutions and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Henry's leadership not only shapes the trajectory of the company but also inspires a new era of success within the dynamic realm of real estate.



Freya brings over 10 years of expertise in marketing and sales to her role, serving as an experienced professional at Harbour Marketing. Since the inception of projects, she has provided invaluable insights into branding, marketing campaigns, and the development of marketing assets. Her methodology seamlessly blends aesthetics with marketing strategies, enriching the overall sales trajectory of each project. Renowned for her creativity, Freya possesses a knack for utilizing diverse marketing ideas to generate excitement and buzz around the projects she oversees. Creativity defines her approach, and she consistently pushes boundaries to deliver innovative solutions. With exceptional communication skills and a keen organizational capacity, Freya adeptly oversees every facet of the projects under her purview. Freya exemplifies Harbour Marketing's commitment to excellence and its dedication to achieving success in the real estate industry.



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